Qatar Nursery Guide is a resource for new families which aims to make the difficult process of choosing a day care centre or nursery for your child a little bit easier!
Qatar Nursery Guide makes easily searchable the hundreds of institutions across Qatar and has important up-to-date information about each one, from the contact information of the nurseries & kindergartens themselves to their opening times, age range, registration fees and the nursery they feed into. Qatar Nursery Guide gives you all this information at your fingertips and more if you choose to register (for free!).
Why Qatar Nursery Guide
If you are new in Qatar & searching for a nursery for your kid, you will realized that there is no easy way for new parents to find information about nurseries and day care in Qatar. If you haven’t lived in Qatar all your life and don’t have friends who have already had children, it’s very difficult to learn about nurseries and Kindergartens and make an informed decision about which one to choose.
Qatar Nursery Guide was created to solve this problem. It is designed by professional team wanting as much information as possible about early year’s education and day care options in Qatar, all at the click of a few mouse buttons.
Nursery Guide  is  here to embellish that information, to help new families find some wonderful things to do with their children as well as suggest beautiful boutiques for books, toys, clothes and anything else your little ones might need.
We hope that Qatar Nursery Guide is a useful resource for Qatar parents expecting or welcoming little ones into the world.
How To Use Qatar Nursery Guide 
Look at the Nursery Guide if you want to find information about Nurseries & Kindergartens in Qatar. You can search by name, if you are looking for specific nurseries, by location if you want one near you, by age if you have a particular time you’d like your child to start or by particular languages or opening times.
Qatar Nursery Guide is the ultimate go-to source for information and the ‘one and only’ dedicated guide for all
Qatar Nursery Guide will give parents the right tool to help them select the best nursery for thier children.

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