BABIES: Babyproof your home WITHOUT compromising on style!

Feb 16 2018

BABIES: Babyproof your home WITHOUT compromising on style!


16 February 2018
Baby-proofing your home is an essential part of preparing your home for an inquisitive little one. Children love exploring their environment, and they always manage to hunt out every little hazard, so you need to thoroughly check your home before they are on the move. However, don’t worry, you won’t have to sacrifice your home’s aesthetics – you can have both a safe and stylish home.

1. Cover potential hazards
Sockets, plugs, wires and cords are a serious threat to your child’s safety. You children will be tempted to pull out plugs and poke things into sockets that can electrocute them. They can also trip or strangle themselves on long cords. Use plastic covers for the sockets and plugs and possibly place furniture in front of them so that your children can’t reach them. Also adhere cords to the floors to prevent your children from tripping over them.

2. Keep chemicals under lock and key
Once they start crawling and walking around, your kids will open every possible cabinet they can reach. This can be a major safety hazard, especially if you use those compartments for storing cleaning products, detergents, shampoos, etc. It’s important that you check every room, especially the bathroom and the kitchen, for any chemicals and toxic products that can endanger your children’s health. Either lock them or place them on higher shelves where your kids can’t reach them. The same goes for medicines and hygiene products in the bathroom – keep them in locked drawers or medicine cabinets.

3. Merge safety, comfort and style
Although you need to baby-proof your home, it doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice its aesthetic appeal, especially when it comes to the living room and master bedroom. Of course, you need to make these areas safe and stock them with some of the baby essentials, but make sure to keep them to a minimum. 
Furthermore, when baby-proofing these rooms, you can opt for pieces that are both stylish and baby-friendly. For example, there are chic, comfy sofas with soft, upholstered edges that make your living room safer and more stylish while also elevating its design. In the master bedroom, introduce just a few necessary items, such as a baby monitor and feeding paraphernalia, so that you have them within your reach when needed.


4. Clean meticulously
You need to create a safe, healthy environment for your little ones, which means that you need to clean your home from top to bottom. Pay special attention to your carpets and area rugs because they are typically fraught with dust, mites, dirt and other bacteria – something that is a major health hazard for children crawling around and playing on the floor. If possible, steam clean your carpets and rugs and get rid of stains. Try to find antiallergenic mattresses and materials for the baby’s room that will keep your little one safe from dust and mites.

5. Install locks
Installing locks everywhere is another important step in making your space safe for your baby. Your children will be curious, so they’ll want to take a peek at everything. Thus, to keep them safe, install locks on doors so that they can’t go outside on their own or to the rooms that are off limits. Windows, toilet lids and cabinets should also have locks and latches that will prevent your children from accidentally hurting themselves.

6. Make the baby room safe
The baby’s room should be the safest place in your home, so you need to be thorough when baby-proofing it. Make sure that every piece of furniture properly adheres to the walls so that it can’t fall over your children. Also move the cot away from the windows and install locks on the windows. The mattresses in the cot should be placed a bit higher at first, but make sure to lower them once your child can sit or stand on their own.

Baby-proofing your home is essential for your child’s safety, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a stylish home. If you balance safety, functionality and aesthetics, you’re home will be just perfect for the whole family.

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