YOU: Find your joy with these playful parenting tips

Apr 24 2017

YOU: Find your joy with these playful parenting tips


Why so serious? Parenting these days demands a lot from us and often it’s our own sense of fun that gets left behind. No more! Here are some ways to unlock your playful side!
• Have a dance party in the living room – turn the music up load and make up some awesome dance moves (a good chance to listen to some of your favourite tracks, too!)
• Arts and crafts. Yes, there will be a mess to tidy up afterwards, but most kids love getting crafty. A good hour or two getting arty with the kids is well worth the ten minute tidy up afterwards.
• Make your own playdough or slime. Loads of good, easy recipes can be found on Pinterest.
• Have a game of hide and seek. An easy game that gets the kids (and you) moving.
• Do an exercise video or play a kinetic game on the Playstation. We all know regular exercise benefits our brains and our bodies so it’s a win-win.
• Let the kids make you over. Hairstyles, nail polish, even a natural face pack.
• Head to the shops. Even a trip to the supermarket can become a fun activity rather than a dreaded chore. Get the kids to help find the groceries, or hand them a shopping list or pictures of what you need (cut out of a magazine) and get them to cross them off for a game of supermarket bingo.
• Go for a walk. Anywhere. Fresh air works wonders for us and them.
• Have a game of Uno. It’s an easy one to fit in between chores. Play first to three.
• Get your kids to come up with a list of the things they want to do. Try and cross one off each week and replace it with another.
• Get the face paints out. Let the kids choose what they want to be and go for it. Then it’s their turn…
• Organise a treasure hunt. If you use items from around the home it’s fairly easy and you can think up the clues the night before.
• Make a slip’n’slide with a tarpaulin, water and washing up liquid.
• Make a cubby under the dining table.
• Give the kids a camera for the day and print out their photos. They can write a story based around them.
Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for fun activities to do with your kids.
What are your favourite ways to get playful with the kids?


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