Al Thuraya Kindergarten




Our Vision

We pick up them higher and higher in the sky of creativity and we saw in them the seeds of right religion, high extensive knowledge, innovation and creativity

Our mission

An educational institution of integrated educational services, gives our children the basic skills for a comprehensive integrated growth and continuous education: through certain educational activities and a rich and safe learning environment: providing the best effective educational programs under the supervision of eligible and competent instructor .we look towards creating an ambitious and promising generation is capable of giving and excellent and collective sharing

Special features of our kindergarten

• Excellent education staff

• Teaching Noorani Qaida

• Library

• Computer

• Traffic village

• Indoor and outdoor games


1.To take care of the child life, his nature and his moral, mental and physical growth according to the Islamic con concepts.

2.To sow the Islamic concepts and found the good habits and trends.

3.To grow him with healthy and benign behavior and habits that is appreciated by the religion and society

4.To  accomplish the overall development of the child in all sensual , mental, psychological ,social and spiritual

5. To give the children knowledge as an unintended objective for itself, but it should come as a result of various activities practiced by the child

6. To develop the children’s mental growth by encouraging them to research and discover

7. To enrich the vocabulary of children by training them on correct expressions and age-appropriate easy compositions.

8. To introduce the children with basic concepts and skills in the field of math and science.

9. Strengthening the link between what children are learning and between their lives and their environment.

10. To prepare the children for stag e formal education and get them used to the school atmosphere and gradually transferred to the social life at school.

11. To train the children on bearing responsibility, self- confidence and self-reliance.

12. To encourage the children to decision making and giving their opinion, and to develop their spirit of asking and taking the initiatives.

13. To project the children’s ability of creativity and to develop the same for special care god-gifted extraordinary children as well as of the children with special needs.الاهداف التعليمية


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    Al hilal area-behind al raya no 54
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    Al Hillal
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