Atfaal Al Ghad Kindergarten

Atfaal Al Ghad Kindergarten

Atfaal Al Ghad Kindergarten


About Us

Atfaal Al Ghad kindergarten follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and ensures that your child is gaining the best learning out of their experiences through observations and specific age appropriate planning. We strive to create the best possible learning environment for your children to develop and grow in their most important years.

Our planning is created on a monthly and weekly basis. The monthly planning consists of the developmental milestones within each child’s age range. Our qualified early year’s practitioners use these as a basic guideline towards their key children’s goals and create the weekly planning accordingly.

Observations are a key part of the EYFS, and we ensure that these a daily occurrence within our nursery.

Should a child be struggling to reach a certain milestone, the planning is then adapted accordingly allowing them to reach their full potential. The same applies for children that are excelling within a certain area; we then adapt the activities to ensure that the children are challenged continuously. In a fun and stimulating way.

Registration is open with free books and school uniforms and without registration fees

from Saturday, March 16 to March 30, 2019.

To contact:

44420196 - 33673331 - 66246734

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