Dafna International School-kindergarten

  • Dafna International School-kindergarten
  • Dafna International School-kindergarten
  • Dafna International School-kindergarten
  • روضة الدفنة العالمية
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Welcome to Dafna International School-kindergarten ( 55314175 )

Thank you for your interest in DAFNA!

We are committed to excellence in education and, thus to your child’s success.

Please fill out this brief application form.

We’ll contact you and invite to the school with your child.

We look forward to seeing you at Dafna…

Your Second Home

At Dafna, all children are entitled to learning with the support and guidance necessary to reach their own potential.

Recognizing that each student is special, we’ll set realistic targets and give them every assistance in achieving their best.

The School will be a physically, emotionally and socially safe environment where everyone can learn and respect each other.

Our warm staff, qualified, knowledgeable and skilled teachers will help the children to adjust school life smoothly and happily

What to Expect..

Preparation and guidance for students to become responsible citizens who will lead in their community…

We will prepare our students for 2030 Vision by creating an effective learning environment of higher standards and expectations.

We will equip our students with the knowledge, attitudes and skills for lifelong learning, to be flexible and adaptable, to be dedicated values while thinking and acting on a global scale.

and More…

gym-exercise classes

large indoor-outdoor activities

Green School:
respect and care for their environment, for nature

high level of student and parent involvement.


Dafna International School offers a broad and balanced curriculum based on the US Common Core Curriculum, that is tailored to the students’ individual learning needs.

This program holds the belief that children learn best through natural, meaningful, integrated experiences that are relevant to their lives.

The classroom is child-centered and active.

Teachers respect students’ prior knowledge and build upon their competence.

The teachers recognize the importance of trial and error, risk taking without fear of failure, and the need for time to grow.

Basic skills are taught as children interact with the new subject matter presented.

The teacher facilitates learning by modeling and engaging students in a wide range of activities.

Students are expected to take an active role in their learning and are encouraged to experiment and think for themselves.

Students are actively involved in self-evaluation, while evaluation by teachers is ongoing and comprehensive throughout the learning process.

the Learning Environment

Our program provides children with the foundational skills they need to succeed as lifelong learners.

The whole School is a learning environment to support the curriculum and positively reflect the work of students.

Children will have the opportunity to select a variety of activities that enhance the improvement and growth of their skills and abilities.
* a familiar and relaxed environment,

* more personal communication with each child,

* freedom to move around,

* the chance to work at own speed,

* interacting with peers,

* the opportunity to assume responsibility for completing tasks and assignments.

Character Counts

To promote positive reinforcement, Dafna is committed to enforcing the values that teach the difference between right and wrong and guide thoughts and actions towards competency in social and moral situations.

The Character Building program at Dafna is based on the ‘Character Counts!’ Program.

Our program and materials are based on six ‘TERRIFIC’ ethical values that everyone can agree on

These TeRRiFiCC core values are :



Additional Information

Additional Information
  • Curriculum
  • Admission Age
    3 - 6 years
  • Admission Date
  • Working Hours
    07:30 - 14:00