Erin Mills Nursery

Erin Mills Nursery

Erin Mills Nursery


About Us

Erin Mills Nursery is a Canadian nursery located in Doha, Qatar. Erin Mills Nursery is a caring place for children from anywhere in the world.


Erin Mills Nursery was founded on basis in installing important fundamental values in children that would lead them to become well brought up and kind tolerant of other believes than their own, happy compassionate and successful people whom will contribute one day to install these basic values into their own kids.

let your kids enjoy

  • we are welcome children to 4 years old
  • we potty train your child
  • we prepare children to get accepted in international school
  • we teach Quran, Arabic, English, educational games and entertainment, painting soft play area, entertainment for children and fitness facility
  • we work on improving the communication skills and social skills
  • we encourage your child to speak properly and fluently
  • creative games and educational activities
  • medical care around the clock
  • beautiful birthday corner
  • 7 different classrooms to support individual stages of development

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