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Welcome to Happy Faces Nursery 

Happy Faces Nursery is your child’s home away from home, and You want to make sure that he’s safe and sound. We want to make sure that You and Your child are happy! That’s why we provide high quality child care, in a clean, safe and fun learning environment. Happy Faces Nursery made sure that his new home is a wonderfully spacious villa, flooded with natural light. We have outstanding facilities and wonderful world class original toys, murals and decals from Disney. Come have a look! It’s so peaceful and beautiful, you will just love it!

Happy faces nursery Pre-School, situated in the heart of al Hilal. Our preschool is open to children from the age of 2 months to years until they go to school. We are a caring and compassionate team of highly qualified practitioners who believe in the unique child, and a ‘hands on’ approach to learning through play – following the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.


We do our best to maintain strict cleanliness and hygiene standards. Children’s hands are washed before and after meals and after toileting. We use paper towels for drying hands, so children do not have to use the same towel. If parents provide a toothbrush and toothpaste, teeth will be brushed as well. All employees are required to wash their hands frequently and also use antibacterial gel.

Infants sleep in separate cribs or pack and plays, with clean sheets used only by them. Beginning at toddler age, washable nap mats are used. Each child has a separate nap mat; with a sheet and a blanket that are washed weekly (unless soiled, then they are washed as often as necessary) and mats are wiped with disinfectant weekly.

Children use separate cups, plates, bowls and eating utensils that have been thoroughly washed. High chair trays, etc. are disinfected after each use. We disinfect toilet seats and clean potty chairs between each use.

Our Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework the Early Years Foundation Stage is how the government and all professionals describe the time of a child’s life between the ages 0-5. All preschools, nurseries, child-minder and reception classes registered to the EYFS must follow the legal framework. The EYFS framework is a document which sets out legal welfare requirements, the 7 areas of learning and development, assessments and expected levels by the time your child turns 5. For more detailed information please do ask a member of staff.

New starters

 Your child will visit the Pre-School for an arranged short session before starting. This time will be spent with you in the setting getting to know the manager and staff and the other new starters. This is a great opportunity for the children to explore the setting, the parents to meet the staff and other parents and be able to buy uniform and find out more about the Preschool day and routines. If you have any queries or worries after that visit, do feel that you can drop in or telephone. We understand that starting pre-school is as big a step for parents as it is for the children.

What will your child need?

If your child is not yet potty trained, or still in the process of training, we ask that you send a good supply of:

Diapers/pull ups Wipes Spare clothes

Accidents are expected so please do not worry, and be sure to talk with us about toilet training so that we can work together in order to best support your child at preschool. Remember however confident your child is in this process at home, it may take them a little longer in a preschool environment. Can we please ask that ALL clothing, bags and shoes are clearly labeled with your child’s name. Many children also have comforters as a way to make themselves feel safe and secure in their environments. We understand that they may want to bring these but ask that they are put in your child’s bag at the gate, and named too – we would be as upset as them if a beloved toy went missing!

Snacks are not provided at Happy Faces please ensure you send your child with a nutritious meal suitable for the hours they are here at the pre-school. We enforce a strict healthy eating policy as well as a no nut policy.

Fees and Funding

  • Registration applies
  • 5 and 3 days a week are offered at happy faces
  • For more information about our fees please contact admin or management


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Additional Information

Additional Information
  • Curriculum
    British - Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Admission Age
    2 Months - 4 Years
  • Admission Date
  • Working Hours
    6:30 am - 2:30 pm