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Welcome To Kidzone Nursery ( 33538351 )

Kidzone Nursery is a child care centre which caters for babies to toddler. Established in 2013, we endeavour to ensure that the quality of care and service we offered to the children and their families is of the highest standard at all times.

This is reflected in the flexible programs designed to meet the individual and diverse needs of each child through play and discovery.

Our goal is to offer best practice at all times.

Our Program

Build the foundation for your child’s future at Kidzone Nursery in Doha. Our licensed educators take pride in developing the whole child and setting the stage for future learning. The well-rounded approach of kidzone concentrates on the following 4 main developmental skills:

Social and emotional growth

Intellectual development

Fine motor skill development

Gross motor skill development


Our Goal is to make our children’s journey through their formative early years, an existing enriching and healthy one.


We at KIDZONE NURSERY strive to meet your expectations as parents by providing an environment that is conductive to learning. Our aim is simple, to ensure that our students become leaders in an ever changing society and will achieve the aforementioned in a healthy, supportive and loving environment.

Our Curriculum is the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) we focus on observing children – discovering their interests; assessing their strengths; supporting their understanding and planning to enhance their play and learning experience.



Kidzone nursery is open for infants to toddlers aged 2 months to 4 years old.

Hours of Nursery: Open from Sunday to Thursday 6:00 am to 5:00 pm

A registration form and fee will be filled in and paid for by the parents. Monthly fees will be paid every first week of the month.

Nursery Parent Manual will be handed to parents during registration.


We have excellent indoor and outdoor facilities for the children. We have made our Nursery a very homely, baby-oriented and friendly environment. We have artwork done on display, which the children love to look at. We have calming colours on our walls to give a homely and relaxed atmosphere.

Our furniture is set out to ensure that the children have access to all toys and areas of the room

Nurse Room

Our Nurse room is well equipped with emergency and First Aid kit. Our in-house licensed nurse attends to all nursing intervention your child needs

Class Room

At Kidzone Nursery, we care about your babies. Our babies room is designed carefully to assure all the needs of your baby are met. It has stimulating toys according to the age of your baby.

Indoor Soft Play Area

We provide a safe and secured environment to let your child interact and enjoy with other kids. This includes ball pool and soft play equipment’s

Outdoor Playground and Sand Area

Here we provide outdoor activities for your children under the supervision of our team.


Our nursery is equipped with 24/7 CCTV to ensure the security and safety of our children.

Outdoor Playground and Sand Area

Here we provide outdoor activities for your children under the supervision of our team.

Eating Room

This room serves as a training ground for the children to learn to eat on their own. In these, they can practice both proper etiquette and hygiene while enjoying their food.

Activity Room

Almost all of our special activities are being delivered through exploration and play inside this room. We have a big monitor for them to watch an educational movie and books to read.

Sleeping Room

Our sleeping room is for the kids who have the time schedule for them to take a nap, we don’t force the kids to sleep, and it’s solely up to the parents whether to let their children have a nap time. We provide everything the children need for taking a nap, but the parents can willingly also provide for their child as well.


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    P.O. Box 430 Musaimeer Street, Nuaija, Doha, Qatar
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    British Curriculum, English Nursery, International Early Year Curriculum (IEYC), Nursery, Private Nurseries
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    Al Hillal, Al Maamoura, Al Thumama, D Ring Road, E - Ring Road, Nuaija, Old Airport
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    Kidzone Nursery

Additional Information

Additional Information
  • Curriculum
    International Early Year Curriculum (IEYC)
  • Admission Age
    2 months to 4 years old
  • Admission Date
  • Working Hours
    Sunday to Thursday 6:00 am to 5:00 pm