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Welcome to Ms Jona Nursery ( 33282018 )

Ms Jona Nursery, believe that every child is unique and will grow at his or her own pace. Our teachers spend time nurturing children’s strengths and encouraging them to reach new heights

Our Goals
Parents bring their children to Ms Jona Nursery for several reasons. As employees of Ms Jona, we come to work for one thing; to Create and Instill a Love of Life, a Love for others and a Love of Learning in our children each and every day. This purpose is experienced and felt by all the children at Ms Jona, as well as their families. This is our purpose, our reason for being.

Ms Jona Nursery Mission
MS JONA Nursery is a day care and early education centre that concentrate on educational side of each child as well as building his/her own personality. Where we can embrace the child with fun, joy, care, attention, understand, and education. To discover his/her creativity and talent in early age, and work on its development.

Due to demand, certain age groups might be closed for admissions during an academic year in which case a child will automatically be placed in our waiting pool.

As soon as places are released, parents of those children in our waiting pool will immediately be contacted.

Polo-shirt, with the nursery Logo, available in the nursery building in different color according to your preferability.

All study materials are available in the nursery.

The nursery will operate during the regular working hours with an exception of the following public holidays as prescibed by the State of Qatar

Eid Al Fitr

Eid Al Adha

National day

Sports day

Extra Activities
· Quran · Islamic studied · Reading · Writing · Drama · Coloring · Hand crafts · Sports · Cooking · Water and sand games · Rhymes · Behavior Assessment · Tutoring

At Ms Jona Nursery we are so happy to offer our beautiful facilities for your babies and children to enjoy:

Indoor Learning Areas:

Colourful and creative open-plan classrooms, with age appropriate equipment and materials.
Contemporary teaching methods such as the use of Classroom Interactive Learning Boards, Classroom Laptops and multimedia projectors
The Child’s Choice – special areas for the children to decide for themselves which learning styles and equipment they would like to experiment with.
Well resourced indoor play area designed to cover all essential learning areas, and challenging for all ages and stages of child development.
Comfortable Library:

All Nursery furniture including dining room furniture, classrooms and bathrooms are of appropriate child size and structure.
Fully equipped music and multi-purpose room with clavanova piano, guitars, drums and a variety of other children’s musical instruments where children can explore with the creative and performing arts.
Montessori classroom where children are encouraged to learn independently and through hands-on experiences.
Outdoor Learning Areas:

We at Ms Jona Nursery believe in enjoying our outdoor garden and grounds areas as ‘extension of the classroom,’ and during the cooler months we have many planned activities including painting, messy play, water play, block and construction, role-play, music and movement and a whole lot more.

Bathroom facilities:

bathrooms are equipped with sensory taps, soap dispensers, low basins and children size toilets to promote positive toileting routines and habits.

Health and Safety:

Fully equipped Nursery Clinic.
Hand sanitizers placed throughout the building for all adults to use.
Plasma cluster air purifiers are strategically placed throughout the Nursery to remove all airborne viruses and other airborne hazards from the building.
Individual children sleeping beds, pillows and sheets.
We have our own full time ‘housekeeping’ staff so all our cleaning equipment and materials are used only within our Nursery and all is closely monitored and controlled.



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    Ras Al Farkiya Street, Al Gharaffa
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    Al Gharafa
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Additional Information

Additional Information
  • Curriculum
  • Admission Age
    2 months - 4 years
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  • Working Hours
    6AM - 4PM
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    Not Available