Perles d’Avenir Nursery



Welcome to Perles d’Avenir Nursery 

What changes will bring?
Your child will enjoy the same guarantees of security, hygiene, health and comfort.
The change is only in the proposed activities.
We will put aside the monitoring of child development and kindergarten prep work to make room for games, fun, manual workshops, discovery and originality, cooking, puppets … and many other wonderful surprises.
The organization of the summer will be slightly changed:
– Thematic Weekly
– One entry per week (possibility of accumulating more)
– A weekly rate
– Hourly from 7am to 14:30 (possible to extend from 6:30 am to 17h)
– Hourly from 7am to 14h during the period of Ramadan


 To proceed on your child registration, you only must be :
  1. Fill the registration form (available bellow)
  2. Send the copy of documents listed bellow
  3. Deposit an advance payment, allowing you to book your child place for next September

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if necessary (contact)

2. Required documents

 Thank you to send us those documents copy :
  • Registration form filled and signed
  • 2 passport photos
  • copy of Passport & ID of the child
  • copy of Passport & ID of the father
  • copy of Passport & ID of the mother
  • copy of Birth certificate
  • copy of the Vaccination card

3. Fees

 The rates are available at the nursery reception. Please feel free to visit us and have tour.


  • Address
    west bay
  • Category
    British Curriculum, Daycare, Nursery, Pre-School, Private Nurseries, Summer Camp
  • Location
    West Bay
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Additional Information

Additional Information
  • Curriculum
  • Admission Age
    2 Months - 4 Years
  • Admission Date
  • Working Hours
    7AM - 2:30PM