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Rainbow Nursery

Rainbow Nursery


About Us

Our well qualified and skilled staff encourages and allows your child to develop at his own pace and come into his own .

At Rainbow Nursery

Every day is a voyage of exploration.
We foster and guide the inquiring minds of children in our care.
We nurture the creativity of each child.
We welcome all we meet with warmth, showing friendship and affection.
We instill in the children a sense of national honour and pride.
We treat each child in our care as a unique individual with a unique background, a unique future and unique potential.
We are committed to increasingly raise the level and quality of every child’s achievement.
We lovingly educate and develop the abilities of children, empowering them holistically.

We Offer

We offer a British curriculum, including English, Arabic and French language lessons, with Rhymes, Songs, Stories,
Puppet Shows, Mathematics, Science, Life Skills, Creative Art activities, Sensory play, Movement activities and so much more!

Our Classes

Sunbeams: 4 – 12 months
Moonwalkers: 1 – 2 years
Cloud Riders: 2 – 3 years
Stargazers: 3 – 4 years

Registration procedure

Rainbow Nursery is NOW open for registration. To avoid disappointment, please give us a call
to arrange to quickly drop in to view the premises and enroll your child. We have limited space available since our classes are filling up quickly.

Hours of Operation

Our doors are open from 6:00 am to 15:00 pm, Sunday to Thursday.
We offer aftercare at QR 75 per hour.
In addition we offer extended care upon request.
Depending on demand, we also offer Saturday day care programmes.


Ready: We are ready, eager and well equipped to meet the challenges ahead


Ability: At Rainbow Nursery we are determined and set to acquire the power and skills to do our daily task to the best of our potential and ability


Inquire: We foster and guide the inquiring minds in our care


Nurture: We nurture creativity, care, compassion for ourselves, the children in our care and the society we serve


Behaviour: On a daily basis we shall try hard to teach the children in our care how to behave in a society of other children as well as teachers. This develops the social skills that are so important in today’s competitive world. The emphasis is on sharing, respect and politeness


Obey: We aim to obey the mission, vision, core values and principles of Rainbow Nursery at all times


Warm: We aim to welcome visitors, parents and children with a feeling of warmth, showing friendship and affection to all we meet.


National: We are eager to instil in the children in our care, a sense of national pride and honour


Unique: As caregivers we acknowledge that each individual entrusted to us is a unique being. We endeavour to treat each child in our care as a unique individual with a unique background, a unique future and unique potential


Raise: We endeavour to increasingly raise the amount or level of our achievement and also to raise the quality of our achievement


Serve: We endeavour to serve the society with a purposeful change


Educate: We strive to educate and develop the abilities and powers of your child empowering your child holistically


Reach: We acknowledge that success won’t come to us; we have to reach for it. We undertake to try our best to achieve or succeed at all our goals and to reach out to our parents and children alike and to offer assistance and/or support wherever possible


Year-round Year-round the happiness and contentment of your child will be the centre of our attention and focus at Rainbow Nursery.

Our staff members are trained to provide the optimum day care experience and are all focused on the well-being of the children

Our Team

The early childhood years are miracle years. Wonders never seize. . . During this time children’s minds are absorbing vividly everything they experience. We at Rainbow Nursery want to be a part of this special time in your child’s life.

Our Vision

Rainbow Nursery is dedicated in providing each learner with a sensibly prepared environment that allows the learner to develop intellectually, socially and physically to their full budding potential. We trust and believe that as the learner grows in each of these areas, so does his/her sense of self-confidence, independence, self-discipline and tolerance and respect for others. By supporting each learner’s inborn love of learning, we hope to make their introduction to their path of learning a happy and focused one.

Our Mission

“At Rainbow Nursery our mission is to provide an encouraging educational experience to the children in our care, motivating emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development. We undertake to always inspire children to explore their intellectual and physical abilities, to always uphold the values of honesty, integrity and respect for others and to be tolerant of differences. Our the mission is further to provide a safe, stimulating, and caring environment for children ages 2 months to 4 years. As our committed to each family we serve, we strive to give parents full peace of mind, while being seen as a shining example of what a quality nursery should be”



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Rainbow Nursery


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