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Sara Nursery has a range of both qualified and experienced staff. Staff who are not suitably qualified but have experience working in professional settings receive in-house training on the mandatory requirements of what a child practitioner needs to know to work within the childcare profession.


  • To provide a safe environment that nurtures and stimulates all children so that they can feel contentment, and discover the tools they need to participate in new experiences.
  • To make provision for children to naturally explore the world around them through child-initiated activities
  • To create an understanding of the Muslim identity through encouraging Islamic morals and manners.
  • To encourage children in learning the Arabic alphabet, memorising short surahs from the Qur’an, and du’as. Non-Muslim children will engage in other activities to promote their well-being, emotional, personal and social development.
  • To create an atmosphere that encourages the development of desirable behaviour and social skills, as well as emotional well-being.
  • Help children acquire greater confidence in using the English Language, especially in cases where it is their second language.


We have a range of both qualified and experienced staff. Staff who are not suitably qualified but have experience working in professional settings receive in-house training on the mandatory requirements of what a child practitioner needs to know to work within the childcare profession…

Our Programs

Learning Development Program

Our Setting, which is a an enabling environment based on the Six Learning Areas. Below is a breakdown of how the six learning areas are practiced in our setting.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Here, children are encouraged to realize the significance and benefits of playing, working and co-operating with each other and adults. Development of confidence and greater independence is promoted. The children also have the opportunity to bring in an item of choice from home to discuss with the rest of the group at circle time. This is called ‘Show and Tell‛

Communication, Language and Literacy

Communication, Language and Literacy is boosted through the daily routine. Alphabet, stories and rhymes, and many more activities. The nursery also has a provision to promote Early Reading and Writing Skills (through using the ‘Jolly Phonic Scheme‛)

Problem Solving and Reasoning Numeracy Development

Children are encouraged to recognize the number names and numerals up to ten through counting games, song matching and sorting well as imaginative play. Children are also taught about shape recognition and measurements through play and investigative activities. These experiences help children to use mathematical language and skills in everyday play.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

In this area, understanding and other skills are developed to help children make sense of the world around them. Also, the nursery environment and planned activities help to stimulate the usual inquisitiveness in children and encourage more constructive investigation of both the natural and man-made worlds. Cultural awareness is taught through activities about festivals, countries around the world, stories and role-play.

Physical Development

Opportunities are made for children to increase in self esteem and confidence with their mobility and physical control, using both their gross and fine motor skills. This is achieved via a variety of adult led and child initiated activities, such as soft play, balancing, making use of outdoor equipment (swings, slide, and bikes, tunnels) and for fine motor skills cutting, threading, sticking and gluing. Along with this, they develop an awareness of the space around them

Creative Development

The children will be able to explore sound, colour and texture, and shape, form and space, in two and three dimensions, through creative activities involving art, stories, sounds and shakers, and imaginative role-play. A wide range of materials are available as well as costumes, instruments and tools, in different sizes, to help children express their ideas in various ways in response to what they see, hear, touch, smell and feel.


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Additional Information

Additional Information
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    2 Months - 4 Years
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    6AM - 4PM