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Welcome to Villa Kinderwelt German Kindergarten Doha 

Villa Kinderwelt German Kindergarten Doha is a lovely and joyful place where children and parents from Germany and from all over the world are warm welcome. Our pedagogical mission is inspired by the Reggio-Emilia Approach and the strong faith that: One Language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way!«

In our Villa Kinderwelt German Kindergarten Doha children find good friends, learn and grow together and by the way they will learn german as their second language. Our succesful language concept is based on the intercultural aspects involved in this process and the specific perspectives on learning and teaching German outside the German-speaking countries. The parents do not have to speak german. We can talk to you in german, english, arabic and french.

All our teachers are trained in teaching german as second language by the wellknown Goethe Institut. All children will attend weekly english and arabic lessons as well, in a playful and joyful way. In Villa Kinderwelt German Kindergarten Doha we are using the immersion method.

  • Multilingualism Benefits:
    Personal: access, travel, understanding cultures, job opportunity
    Cognitive: creativity, problem solving skills, intellectual flexibility
    Societal: cultural diversity, economic competitiveness
  • Multilingualism is a source of strength and opportunity. It embodies our cultural diversity and encourages the exchange of views, the renewal of ideas and the broadening of our capacity to imagine.«

Irina Bokova, Unesco Director General

Supported by a well-resourced library, arts and handicraft rooms and designated  indoor and outdoor playground areas, children are encouraged to explore and develop their natural abilities and talents. In Villa Kinderwelt-German Kindergarten Doha boys and girls from 3-6 years learn,play and grow together.

For the children in the last year of Kindergarten we have an extra Grade 0 classroom/ Vorschulklassenzimmer, in which they have their daily Grade 0/ Vorschule lessons.



The Reggio-Emilia approach to early childhood education emphasizes the playful, creative nature of children – not just as an inherent quality, but as a key tool for learning. By embracing children as active participants in their own education, we create an environment that encourages cooperation, problem solving and creativity – skills that are becoming increasingly sought after in the modern world.

Our philosophy is guided by several key principles

At Villa Kinderwelt-German Kindergarten Doha, teachers are partners in the learning process, using tools of listening, observing, and flexibility to create the learning space. When teachers observe interests within the classroom, they offer provocations, guidance and insights to extend topics of investigation and encourage problem solving skills.

Our curriculum emerges from the interests of the children. If an interesting ladybug is found on the playground, we might begin a project on insects- researching their habitats, diet, or defining characteristics. Across all classrooms and projects, literacy, mathematics, and science are naturally interwoven as the curriculum unfolds, rather than boxed off into artificially compartmentalized disciplines.

The environment is considered to be the third teacher, and is designed for learning and exploration that fosters the development of the child’s one hundred languages. The classroom is meant to be an extension of the rest of the child’s world, and is therefore designed with a beauty and complexity that reflects the culture in which the children are growing.
Our environment is offering open-ended materials for children to explore, play, and learn freely. An environment that helps children feel safe and supported creates opportunities for emotional, social, and physical growth.up

To highlight the learning process and ongoing project work, teachers utilize multiple forms of documentation, including photographs, dictations, and artwork. Samples of each child’s interests and developmental milestones are recorded in an individual portfolio, and shared with families on a regular basis. Our teachers also send regular emails sharing information about classroom projects, ensuring that families feel included in the activities and interests we see emerging in our playgrounds and classrooms.

The Reggio approach values relationships as important places of learning and growth. At Villa Kinderwelt-German Kindergarten Doha, children are encouraged to be active members of the classroom, use proactive language, and develop positive peer relationships – including a strong emphasis on our Kindness Principles.
This sense of community extends beyond the classroom as we encourage families, local businesses and community groups to stay connected with us and become an active part of our learning family.

Curriculum Goals
With class activities emerging from the interests of the children themselves, a sound understanding of children’s developmental stages and emotional and intellectual needs is crucial to shaping a successful curriculum.

With Kindness you reflect your respect
Kindness is not just an abstract principle or a nice idea. It’s about practical skills and real world values that children will apply throughout their lives.


The Reggio-Emilia approach has its roots in the education reform movements of post WWII Italy. Emphasizing creativity, collaboration and discovery, it offers a dynamic vision of effective education.Rather than following a standard curriculum model with pre-determined units of study, the Reggio Curriculum has an underlying structure based on guided learning and collaboration. This approach engages the interests and skills of each individual child, interweaving teachings on a broad range of disciplines through real world learning. Within each Reggio community, short and long term projects emerge that highlight children’s learning processes.

Curriculum Goals : three years old

Building Relationships
With a new found sense of independence, three year olds are further developing their awareness of their place in the world and their ability to affect things in it.
There are many physical, linguistic and cognitive skills that are developed or refined during the third year, including a greater sense of emotional literacy and an ability to trust adults and build relationships.
Our objectives reflect the skills three year olds are discovering within themselves.

Sense of Self
· Demonstrate the ability to adjust to new situations and follow routines
· Show trust in adults
· Recognize and label own feelings
· Express emotions with increasing self-control

· Connect with teacher(s) as a trusted adult
· Engage in simple interactions with peers
· Learn early social skills such as sharing and communication

Gross Motor
· Demonstrate basic locomotor skills (running, jumping, hopping, galloping)
· Climb up and down comfortably
· Begin balancing
· Throw and catch balls
· Run with ease

Fine Motor
· Manipulate objects with increasing control
· Hold scissors in one hand
· Grasp small items
· Drop small items into a container with intention
· Make several basic strokes with a pen or marker
· Begin to make recognizable shapes or patterns

Cognitive Skills
· Observe and examine objects
· Demonstrate problem solving skills
· Build persistence and patience in approaching tasks
· Classify objects by similar and different properties (color, size, shape)
· Begin to use simple measurement and comparative words
· Begin an understanding of order
· Identify items in a series
· · Arrange objects in a continuum
· Recognize patterns
· Engage in imaginary/role play
· Begin representational thinking—can translate representations to a drawing or building

Language Skills
· Hear and understand sounds of native language
· Develop an understanding of rhyming words
· Clearly express ideas and questions
· Communicate in complete sentences
· Understand and follow verbal directions
· Answer questions with a complete thought (more then yes or no)
· Understand rules and structure of conversation
· Participate in conversation
· Develop a joy for reading
· Demonstrate an understanding of print concepts (recognize that print carries meaning, that each word can be written down or read)
· Demonstrate knowledge of the alphabet: recognizes a few letters by name

Self Care/Responsibility for Self
· Demonstrate self reliance during snack and meals, dressing, hand-washing, and toileting
· Choose and engage in one activity from several options
· Keep track of personal belongings while at school
· Demonstrate respect and care for classroom and materials
· Participate in clean up with decreasing amount of guidance
· Participate in group activities
· Follow classroom routines without multiple reminders


Here you find the application form as all policies ready to download.

After you sensed your application form to, we will contact you.
Please follow us on face book to be always updated about our upcoming events like our great first OPEN HOUSE!!!

Please visit our kindergarten and we will happily provide you with information about our fees & admission and show to you our lovely Kindergarten


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Additional Information

Additional Information
  • Curriculum
    Reggio-Emilia Approach + German Phonic Curriculum
  • Admission Age
    3 Years - 6 Years
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    7AM - 1:30PM