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Perfection International Preschool

Perfection International Preschool


About Us

Perfection International Preschool is dedicated to the foundation and growth of young children. Perfection International Preschool (PIP) offers International Preschool Curriculum (IPC) which is globally recognised around the world designed to meet the needs of young children. Here at Perfection we care about the development and progress of every student through our curriculum and we can assure you that PIP is a great place for your child to Learn, Play and Grow. Perfection International Preschool offers a premier kindergarten setup for your child, enabled with a safe and secure environment to engage in activities and on-site technologies to promote development.

Our Mission :

​At Perfection International Preschool Doha-Qatar, Our mission is to provide a cohesive and effective curriculum that meets the needs of each student, while honoring individual learning styles and cultural diversity. We aim to ensure that every child attains the knowledge, skills, understanding, and motivation which constitute a world-class level of performance and development.

Our Vision :

At Perfection International Preschool Doha-Qatar, We aim to be a leading early education establishment that can promote in all our students respect, creativity, curiosity, independence and comfort in an international setting. Our vision encompasses the development of every young mind to become a contributing member of his or her community, and a compassionate global citizen.

Our Facilities

At Perfection International Preschool (PIPS) Doha-Qatar, we are equipped with spacious, premium facilities that include:


  • Indoor and outdoor play areas
  • An updated, well-stocked library
  • Smart rooms that utilize modern classroom technologies

What we Offer

  • American International Preschool Curriculum
  • Highly-qualified teachers with qualifications and experiences
  • Modern Education
  • Arabic, French and Islamic instruction
  • Science, Engineering and Basic Robotics classes provided
  • Performing Drama and Arts programs
  • Entertaining sports and learning games
  • Advanced classroom technologies and modern facilities
  • Educational trips and Camps

Our Philosophy

We believe that learning is a joyful journey that begins as a very young child. By engaging young children in a holistic education that is beyond mere academics, we can develop their personalities to become unique individuals who contribute in meaningful and positive ways to society.


  • We offer an American International Preschool Curriculum following the Qatari Curriculum using one of the best modern technology here in Qatar.
  • Our core subjects are: English, Math, Science, Music ,Arts and Drama, Islamic and Arabic.
  • Special subjects are: French language, Engineering for kids and Robotics.
  • IPC Status
  • Active

Hours of Operation

7 am - 1 :30pm


3 - 6 years

Here at Perfection, your child can…. learn, play & grow


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